Advancements in liposuction tools have enabled doctors to execute lipo with very little downtime and much fewer cuts compared to conventional body contouring procedures. Liposuction uses minimally intrusive methods that include less discomfort, treatment time, and healing, many thanks to the innovative laser, light, and also radio frequency technology. Individuals planning to slim down as well as lower localized fat down payments can opt for among our minimally intrusive lipo treatments. Treatments, such as SmartLipo ®, VASER ® LipoSelection, laser liposuction, as well as BodyTite ™ could get rid of tiny pockets of fat from different locations of the body to enhance contours as well as supply a natural-looking meaning. On top of that, SculpSure ™ is a non-invasive lipo therapy that can enhance body shapes without downtime or healing. These liposuction choices utilize innovative technology to promote skin tightening as well as firm up locations for younger-looking outcomes. Some preferred treatment locations consist of the flanks, abdominal area, arms, upper legs, buttocks, face, as well as neck.

Our doctors offer minimally intrusive and non-surgical fat therapies in NYC for clients aiming to accomplish natural-looking results and also boost confidence in their appearance. Find out more concerning exactly how our liposuction physicians can make use of either laser, light, or superhigh frequency modalities to eliminate fat by clicking on the links listed below and see which liposuction strategies best fit your body shaping objectives.


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